Barnet FC Supporters Trust

The Barnet FC Supporters Association has now converted to a Trust, and has been renamed Barnet FC Supporters Trust (BFCST).

There have been various articles on this website about this, but to keep them all in one place I have linked to them below.

You can download a membership form here. Now with correct postal address!

Result of Director Elections Results of the election of directors for 2012.
Trust Director Nominations The Trust members who are standing for the first election of directors to the Barnet Football Club Supporters' Trust.
Trust Deed The rules of the Trust (PDF 1.5MB).

Unfortunately this is a scan of a paper copy (or something like that) - so you can't select the text. I am trying to get hold of a proper version.

The below articles are held elsewhere on this website. There will not be links directly back to this page. Either open in a new tab or use your back button to navigate.
Statement from Eddie Thompson Previously the chairman of the BFCSA, before we converted to a trust. Eddie makes a statement about recent developments.
Statement about the Council and the Club The BFCST has made a statement concerning recent discussions with the club and the council.
Transition to a Trust 4 Update Number 4 - The creation of the Barnet FC Supporters Trust.
Transition to a Trust 3 Update Number 3 - Conversion to a trust agreed.
Transition to a Trust 2 Update Number 2 - various documents explaining everything.
Transition to a Trust 1 Update Number 1 - timetable and introduction.
Proposal of the Trust During 2010 a group of supporters formed a group to form a trust at Barnet working under the name "Bees Trust". The existence of this group was disclosed to the club and BFCSA in December. Bees Trust held a meeting for supporters in February 2011 when 34 voted in favour of a new trust being formed. This is the proposal that was initially put to BFCSA members.

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