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29th March 2012

I am pleased to report that there was a very good turnout for your election with 114 valid ballot papers received from a potential 170.

I also received 13 ballot papers that I declared spoilt due to either arriving after the closing date or arriving with more than one ballot paper in an envelope.

It is worth stating that whilst a contested election inevitably results in disappointment for some it is the sign of not only true democracy that we all subscribe to but also a vibrant Trust which is a pleasure to see, especially in one so young!

The result of the Barnet Supporters' Trust BoS Ballot for 2012 is as follows.

GERRY BATES - 76 Votes
OLIVER DEED - 69 Votes
NIK HAIDAR - 85 Votes
ALEX JONES - 66 Votes
CHRIS NASH - 81 Votes
NEIL STAFF - 68 Votes

I therefore declare NIK HAIDAR; DEREK ROCHOLL; CHRIS NASH; GERRY BATES; and OLIVER DEED as the successful candidates in the Barnet Supporters' Trust Board of Society Election Ballot 2012.

Due to a tie between Peter Speroni and Neil Staff for the sixth elected position it will be necessary to conduct a drawing of lots to determine the final successful candidate.

The Exeter City Supporters' Trust would like to wish their counterparts at Barnet every success for the rest of the season and the closed season ahead.

Best wishes,

Neil Le Milliere

Returning Officer 2012


After a private discussion Peter Speroni stood down in favour of Neil Staff.

Also note

Brian Mackie withdrew from the elections and issued this statement:

"This is to let you know that I am formally withdrawing from the Barnet FCST election. Late this week, I was informed that I will be taking on a very senior role in my current work organisation. The offer to do this came out of the blue. The role will be very demanding, and on reflection I don't think that I would be able to give to the Barnet FCST the time and attention that the Trust Director role deserves. Hence I am withdrawing from the election.

As a lifelong Barnet supporter, I commend all of my fellow candidates, and wish those that are elected the very best of success in getting the Trust off the ground, building relationships with the club, and helping the supporters and the club through the uncertain times in which we now find ourselves.

I will certainly make myself available to assist, in any way the new Board feels I may be able to.

All the best to all Bees supporters and Trust members,

Brian Mackie"

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