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Mouse or Keyboard?
With the Euro game the mouse is the only option, so it is probably best to get used to the mouse for the UK game also. But whatever you are most comfortable with is the best option.

What happens if you press 'Play again' before you press 'Submit'?
You will lose your points just scored. ALWAYS PRESS SUBMIT!

Why can you play when the game is closed?
You can still play the game in "off" times, but the points will not count.

How do I know how many points I have scored?
Check the High scores pages:

UK: http://www.playforyourclub.com/pfyc_players_display.php?l=1

Europe: http://www.playforyourclub.com/pfyc_players_display.php?l=11

Use the "Edit / Find" function on your browser's drop-down menu to search for your initials.

Alternatively, download the PFYC stats tracker – see links page.

What happens if we finish 7th in the UK Premier?
We get a UEFA credit on the historical statistics, but we do NOT qualify for Europe.

What are the "Shouts"?
At the end of each game you can type in a brief 'shout' before you press submit. Your shout will be shown on the shouts page:


This acts as a makeshift message board, so you can talk to others playing at the same time.

Please consider a certain "netiquette" while shouting. No negative comments towards other teams please.

What is a good score?
This completely depends on how much practice you have had.

At first, any submitted score is good! After a while you will occasionally get to the bonus levels (40,000 points and 60,000 points in the UK game), where you can take a penalty for extra points.

Experienced players will reach the bonus levels with most games. Our best players have topped 200,000 points in a single game, but this is very unusual.

How long does it take to reach a good total?
Again, this depends on practice. At the beginning, it will probably take you something over an hour to score a million points. With practice, you can get that down to under an hour. Experienced players can score two million points or more per hour.

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