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This section is devoted to the application for the new and/or improved ground (note the above picture is from an out of date plan).

See below for recent news.

Please also see barnetfc.com or KBA.co.uk for more information.

The below was before Barnet FC announced they would play at Underhill for one more (2012/13) season.
BFCST Statement Statement from the Committee regarding the club's announcement. 14/12/2011
The below was before Barnet FC announced they would leave Underhill for the 2012/13 season.
BFCSA Statement Statement from the BFCSA committee in reaction to the club's statement below. 29/09/2011
Barnet FC Statement [links to official site] Barnet FC announced they will be applying to the Football League for permission to play at least half next season (2012/13) at Underhill after the London Borough of Barnet Licensing Department were unable to provide assurances that Barnet will have a licence to operate at the ground for the whole of the season. 26/09/2011
The below was before Saracens Rugby Club announced their plans to move to Copthall and Barnet FC announced their plans to ask the Football League for permission to play at least half next season at Underhill..
Planning Permission Granted The announcement that the Planning Application for the redevelopment of parts of Underhill had been given the green light by Barnet Council was greeted with extreme satisfaction by the Supporters Association Committee. 12/12/2007
The below was before the council gave planning permission for the improvements to Underhill.
Revised Plans The Revised plans, that Chairman Tony Kleanthous recently announced can now be found on the Barnet Council planning pages. 06/11/2007
Latest Announcement by the Club In light of the latest announcement by Barnet FC, the BFCSA Committee welcomes the news that the planning department have been in further consultation with the Football Club regarding upgrades to Underhill Stadium. 23/10/2007
BFCSA Statement Council fail to back Barnet Football Clubs latest planning application. The Supporters Association spoke in favour of Planning Application N02646AB/07, improvements to Underhill Stadium, at last night's Planning Meeting. 09/10/2007
BFCSA Statement Statement from the BFCSA Committee following the announcement of the latest plans from the club (includes links to Council documents and media reports). 19/07/2007
The below was before the club announced their plans for improvements at Underhill.
BFCSA Statements Various statements released by the BFCSA during the months of May and June 2006. 16/07/06
Donation to the KBA The BFCSA committee are pleased to announce that we are donating 500 to the KBA. 14/03/06
KBA Supporters Meeting Ravenscroft School, 7:00pm for 7:30pm start, Thursday 16 February 2006.
Montrose Playing Fields Where are Montrose Playing Fields? What's near them? 21/11/05
Colindale - Montrose Park The Club announed today that Cllr Brian Salinger has made an "out-of-the blue announcement" - that the Montrose playing fields in Burnt Oak have been identified as a possible site for a new stadium for Barnet FC. 15/11/05
The below was before the Council announced their "plans" for a stadium in Montrose Park.
Residents have their say on new Underhill proposals Copied from Barnet Council's website and posted here on behalf of the Keep Barnet Alive (KBA) group. The KBA urge you to please read it, and, if you're a Barnet resident, please can you write to the address given, stating your support for the proposals.
Meeting Flyer A reproduction of a flyer to be given out at the Forest Green game advertising the public meeting on 24 November.
Plan of Improved Underhill From the document released by the club on 13 November 2003. An indicative plan of the improvements.
BFCSA/KBA Press Release A joint press release from the BFCSA and KBA on the news that the club has agreed a plan for improving Underhill Stadium with the Council.
Public Meeting There will be a public meeting at 7.30pm on Monday 24th November at Ravenscroft School, Barnet Lane to explain the details of an agreement reached between the club and the Council.
The below is before a plan that has been provisionally agreed by the council had been made public.
Area Forums Forthcoming Area Forums.
Keep Barnet Alive A brief history of the KBA and the situation with the ground. If you're looking for a quick summary of the club's situation and what the fans are doing about it then look no further.
Area Forum The next area forum is on Tuesday 14 January. We need a good attendance to show that Barnet supporters will not go away.
Double Standards It would seem that certain Tory Underhill councillors can't make up their minds about where they stand on green space!
Letter in paper The BFCSA had a letter published in the Barnet Times last week - we reproduce it here.
Barnet FC Conservative Supporters You are not alone! Supporting the future of Barnet FC and Ian Duncan Smith are not mutually exclusive.
Council meeting On Tuesday 5 November the council cabinet will probably discuss the Barnet FC stadium. It starts at 7:00pm in the town hall, The Burroughs, Hendon.
Groundshare Barnet's ground-share with Leyton Orient could be back on after Tony Kleanthous revealed the plans had been granted Football League approval.
Barnet Forum Another Barnet Area Forum with your local council, on 4 September.
Art Block Demo Report On Saturday 3 August there was a demonstration in North Finchley to save the Art Block that is half built from being destroyed by the new council administration.
Art Block Demo As you may have read in the local press, not content with trying to scupper the club's plans for our new stadium and trying to force the club out of the borough, the new council administration have now set their sights on an Art Gallery in North Finchley that is already under construction.
Meeting with Cllr Lyon On Wednesday 10 July, 6 members of the committee of the BFCSA, met with Vic Lyon and Graham Beattie, Director of Environmental Services.
Thank you Thanks are due to the TA Centre and Wheels Ltd for their help with the float in Finchley Carnival and the "coffin van".
Abusive Emails It has come to the attention of the BFCSA committee that there have been some abusive emails sent to certain councillors...
Finchley Carnival The KBA had a float in Finchley Carnival this afternoon, celebrating over 100 years of Barnet FC.
Barnet FC in Crisis After several years of searching for a new home to meet League requirements, the then labour Council gave planning permission in February for the Club to build on a "Green Belt" site immediately adjacent to the existing Underhill stadium...
KBA Meeting KBA are holding a meeting - find out more before it's too late...
Meeting - July 9 Labour leader Councillor Alan Williams has finally got a motion on Barnet FC on the agenda for debate at the meeting of Barnet Council on July 9.
KBA The KBA needs you to volunteer to help out, please read...
Area Forum On 26 July, the Barnet area forum was held at Fould's School, Barnet. This was a chance for residents to air their views on matters of local concern.
Email Addresses List of email addresses for Councillors, MP and local papers.
Meeting Barnet Area Forum on 26 June 2002.
Meeting Request See a copy of an email that has been sent to Councillor Lyon of Barnet Council, seeking a meeting with him. It has been sent on behalf of both the BFCSA and OBFCSA. 21/06/02
The Below were before a previous application was buried by the Council.
Latest News Updates on the latest developments on the application to build the stadium pictured above. Also addresses (email and 'support your postie') and link to GOL website.
Barnet FC 11-7 Opposition Barnet FC's future looks a lot rosier after Barnet Council's planning committee passed the stadium application by eleven votes to seven.
A Message From Your Committee As you are all no doubt aware, on Wednesday 27 February the Council is considering the Club's proposal for the new stadium. The meeting starts at 7pm in the Town Hall, The Burroughs, Hendon NW4 and is open to the public.
Mayor says Yeah Ken Livingstone gives a guarded "Yes" to the new ground plus news of a Barnet Area Forum (where the new ground is due to be discussed) on 20 February.
Planning Meeting At the Stalybridge game on 9 February we will be distributing a leaflet urging you to attend the planning application meeting at the Council on 27 February. See the leaflet on this page.
Underhill 2 A couple of links for email addresses of Barnet's local coucillors and Sir Sydney Chapman MP.
Tony Answers On 12 December, Tony Kleanthous answered questions that he had invited readers to send in. We have reproduced it here.
Myths and Facts There has been a lot of things said about the proposed stadium. But what about the facts? Presented in a simple format, easy to refer to, we hope to dispel as many of these myths as we can.
Meet Syd! Barnet's MP, Sir Sydney Chapman, is holding a meeting at QE Girls School on 1 February. There is now an aerial plan of the proposed stadium, as well as a bigger picture of the one to your left. 29/01/02
Barnet Launch Attack Barnet Football Club this week accused Conservative activists of distributing a poster "riddled with inaccuracies and untrue statements" to whip up opposition to their proposed new stadium to the south of Underhill. Article from The Non-League Paper.
Below are links to relevant media reports, in reverse chronological order.

London Broncos consider moving grounds to The Hive with Barnet
(The Guardian, 09/05/2031)

'It's unfair' - neighbours say Barnet FC's move to The Hive in Camrose Avenue will cause traffic chaos
(Harrow Times, 07/05/2013)

The Underhill Soap Opera drawing to a close?
(Brian Coleman's blog, 12/02/2013)

Relocation [to the Hive] Sanctioned By Football League
(Barnet FC Official, 11/02/2013)

Barnet FC chairman says club will pay for CPZ in Harrow
(Barnet Times, 21/07/2012)

Barnet FC chairman Tony Kleanthous pledges to be 'good neighbours' to Harrow community
(Barnet Times, 20/07/2012)

Chairman Reacts to Hive Move
(Barnet FC Official, 20/07/2012)

Barnet FC to Have a Home at The Hive
(Barnet FC Official, 20/07/2012)

Harrow Council approves Barnet FC's move to borough despite objections
(Barnet Times, 20/07/2012)

Harrow Council to decide on Barnet FC move
(Barnet Times, 19/07/2012)

Harrow Council 'sorry to hear' of complaints over Barnet FC consultation
(Barnet Times, 17/07/2012)

Consultation on Barnet FC move to Harrow 'farcical'
(Barnet Times, 16/07/2012)

Barnet FC switch would 'raise the profile' of Harrow
(Barnet Times, 13/07/2012)

[Harrow] Council officers have recommended that [Barnet may] play [at the Hive, to be decided at Cabinet Meeting on Thursday 19 July].
(Barnet Times, 12/07/2012)

OnlyBarnet Messageboard Thread
(Discussing the Wealdstone thread below. Initially. First post: 11/07/2012)

A Brief History Of Wealdstone's Legacy At Prince Edward Playing Fields
(Under The League - non-league blog, 10/07/2012)

Saracens' [sic] unveil new athletics facility at Copthall
(Barnet Times, 02/07/2012)

Community comment on Saracens' move to Copthall Stadium
(Barnet Times, 28/06/2012)

Wealdstone FC Messageboard Thread
(Discussing the PEPF from their point of view, first post: 09/06/2012)

Wasps face administration ... after deal to sell club collapses
(The Telegraph, 10/04/2012)
Article claims TK was going to buy the Rugby club.

On the road: Underhill back on slippery slope to the drop
(Daily Mail, 08/04/2012)
Strictly speaking not about the ground but relevant.

Barnet FC Statement [about Copthall, Underhill, The Hive, Harrow Council]
(Official site, 08/04/2012)

Harrow Council statement
(Harrow Counicl, 03/04/2012)

Barnet FC Response to Planning Permission Being Granted to Saracens
(Official site, 30/03/2012)

Secretary gives Copthall go ahead
(Saracens Official, 28/03/2012)

Barnet FC begins building work at The Hive
(Barnet Times, 28/03/2012)

Council welcomes Barnet FC's decision to extend time at Underhill
(Barnet Times, 13/03/2012)

Barnet FC to stay at Underhill for another season
(Barnet Times, 12/03/2012)

We're Staying For One More Year!
(Official site, 12/03/2012)

Mayor of London Boris Johnson approves Saracens' Copthall plans
(Barnet Times, 22/02/2012)

Saracens chairman Nigel Wray: 'Copthall will be a genuine community stadium'
(Barnet Times, 03/02/2012)

Green light for Saracens' move to Copthall stadium
(Barnet Times, 03/02/2012)

Barnet Council approves Saracens's move to Copthall
(Barnet Times, 02/02/2012)

Saracens' Copthall plans go before Barnet Council tonight
(Barnet Times, 02/02/2012)

Saracens Rugby Club bid for Copthall development recommended for approval
(Barnet Times, 25/01/2012)

Less talk more action, says Barnet FC petitioner
(Barnet Times, 25/01/2012)

Hot topics to be debated at Barnet Council meeting tonight
(Barnet Times, 24/01/2012)

Barnet FC Response To Council Motion
(Barnet Official, 20/01/2012)

Boris surprised by lack of support for Saracens
(Barnet Times, 20/01/2012)

Barnet sports clubs throw support behind Saracens' Copthall plans
(Barnet Times, 09/01/2012)

Dennis Signy in the Barnet Times
(Barnet Times, 21/12/2011)

Barnet Prepare To Leave Underhill
(Twohundredpercent, 15/12/2011)

Chairman thanks public for support following decision to quit Underhill
(Barnet Times, 15/12/2011)

Members dispute Trust's support of Barnet FC decision
(Barnet Times, 15/12/2011)

Supporters Trust back Bees' decision to leave Underhill
(Barnet Times, 15/12/2011)

Council rejects blame for Barnet FC move
(Barnet Times, 14/12/2011)

Public fights to keep the Bees at Underhill
(Barnet Times, 14/12/2011)

Barnet Set to Leave Underhill
(Barnet Official, 14/12/2011)

Kleanthous & Barnet FC vs The Local Council
(Twohundredpercent, 02/11/2011)

We've been put in an impossible position, says Barnet chairman
(Evening Standard, 31/10/2011)

Safety of Barnet FC fans is ‘paramount’ says Barnet Council
(Barnet Times, 27/09/2011)

Poll - Should the Bees leave Underhill?
(Barnet Times, 26/09/2011)

Barnet FC faces possible Underhill exit
(Barnet Times, 26/09/2011)

Saracens unveil revised plans for move from Watford to Copthall
(Barnet Times, 15/09/2011)

Saracens unveil plans for Copthall
(Barnet Times, 15/09/2011)

Barnet FC: council forcing football out to let Saracens' Copthall stadium plans in
(Barnet Times, 06/09/2011)

Barnet FC says morale hit by stadium conflict with Barnet Council after Saracens Copthall plans
(Barnet Times, 06/09/2011)

Barnet chairman Tony Kleanthous releases angry statement on Saracens Copthall move
(Barnet Times, 05/09/2011)

Saracens submit revised 18m planning application for Copthall as Barnet issue angry statement
(Barnet Times, 05/09/2011)

Brian Coleman lays into Saracens plans for meetings about Barnet Copthall Stadium in Barnet pubs
(Barnet Times, 09/06/2011)

Saracens reveal new impressions of Mill Hill stadium on day they receive backing from UK Athletics
(Barnet Times, 23/05/2011)

Saracens' plans for Mill Hill's Copthall stadium criticised in Mayor's report
(Barnet Times, 05/05/2011)

Two leading Barnet Tory politicians oppose Saracens Copthall plans
(Barnet Times, 04/05/2011)

Barnet FC must be first in line
(Barnet Times Letters, 15/04/2011)

Saracens hope to be in Mill Hill stadium by January
(Barnet Times, 01/04/2011)

Saracens get 99-year lease for Mill Hill stadium from Barnet Council
(Barnet Times, 29/03/2011)

Saracens to formally submit planning application for Barnet Copthall stadium tomorrow
(Barnet Times, 03/03/2011)

Matt Stevens and Andy Farrell among big names in Mill Hill to promote Barnet Copthall stadium plans
(Barnet Times, 25/02/2011)

Saracens chief says Barnet Copthall stadium opposition 'completely different' to old plans from Barnet FC
(Barnet Times, 17/02/2011)

Mill Hill residents agree to form pressure group over Saracens plans for Barnet Copthall stadium
(Barnet Times, 16/02/2011)

Plans to revamp Copthall Stadium by Saracens go on display
(Barnet Times, 01/12/2010)

Barnet FC still interested in Copthall Stadium according to club
(Barnet Times, 10/11/2010)

Saracens RFC confirms interest in ovehauling Barnet Copthall stadium for new home
(Barnet Times, 10/11/2010)

Saracens chief executive Edward Griffiths denies claims on planning application for Barnet Copthall stadium
(Barnet Times, 02/11/2010)

Barnet FC chairman Tony Kleanthous says the club could quit the borough over row over Copthall stadium in Mill Hill
(Barnet Times, 28/10/2010)

Saracens RFC approaches Barnet Council about potential development of Copthall Stadium in Mill Hill
(Barnet Times, 21/10/2010)

Council's 'conflict of interest' over the Barnet Bond scheme
(Barnet Times, 06/06/2008)

Revamp kicks off at Underhill stadium
(Barnet Times, 12/12/2007)

Underhill stadium decision deferred
(Barnet Times, 09/10/2007)

Bees seated or face boot from the league
(Barnet Times, 04/10/2007)

No choice for Bees
(Barnet Times, 13/07/2006)

Bees' stadium to be built outside Barnet
(Barnet Times, 13/07/2006)

Stadium revamp
(Barnet Times, 28/06/2007)

Back the Bees
(Barnet Times Comment, 28/06/2007)

Bees to stay in the borough — for now
(Barnet Times, 20/06/2006)

Nimby arguments are spurious
(Barnet Times Letters, 15/06/2006)

Authority seems determined to drive Barnet FC out of borough
(Barnet Times Letters, 25/05/2006)

March for new football stadium
(Barnet Times, 20/04/2006)

Football club car park go-ahead
(Barnet Times, 13/04/2006)

Residents' intelligence insulted by Tories
(Barnet Times Letters, 06/04/2006)

Community united against stadium plan
(Barnet Times Letters, 30/03/2006)

Insulting to label me simply as council leader's wife
(Barnet Times Letters, 21/03/2006)

We want to give Bees support
(Barnet Times Letters, 16/03/2006)

Council’s scurrilous double standards
(Barnet Times Letters, 09/03/2006)

Incorrect to label Conservatives as being against football club's future
(Barnet Times Letters, 23/02/2006)

Residents are not against football club
(Barnet Times Letters, 16/02/2006)

Cricket club supports Barnet FC development
(Barnet Times Letters, 09/02/2006)

BRASS does not represent residents
(Barnet Times Letters, 09/02/2006)

Backing the Bees, just not in person
(Barnet Times, 31/01/2006)

Barnet FC should come clean
(Barnet Times Letters, 31/01/2006)

Association not asked for view on stadium
(Barnet Times Letters, 31/01/2006)

Try talking to club about stadium plan
(Barnet Times Letters, 31/01/2006)

Club must respect planning law
(Barnet Times Letters, 19/01/2006)

Stadium safety work halted
(Barnet Times, 14/01/2006)

Council pushes stadium plan
(Barnet Times, 21/12/2005)

Vow to fight new football stadium
(Barnet Times, 25/11/2005)

Salinger forgot one detail: it's our park
(Barnet Times Letters, 24/11/2005)

Could this be the Bees' new home?
(Barnet Times, 17/11/2005)

Times Comment: The right pitch?
(Barnet Times, 17/11/2005)

Clubs pitch in together
(Barnet Times, 19/10/2005)

Democratic accountability is indeed worth the expenditure
(Barnet Times Letters, 12/10/2005)

Council leader has some cheek showing his face at Underhill
(Barnet Times Letters, 05/10/2005)

Pride of Barnet
(Barnet Times, 04/05/2005)

Court 'vindicates' Kleanthous over Underhill sale
(Barnet Times, 14/02/2004)

The below is from the Archive section of the Barnet Times, where you can search by keywords. It goes back to 1995. I intend to add all relevant stories concerning the ground issue. So far I've done 1998...

Not much help, Mr Dismore
(Barnet Times, 07/11/1998)

Crying foul over Copthall
(Barnet Times, 31/10/1998)

The Times says...
(Barnet Times, 31/10/1998)

What is MP Alan Meale's interest in the superstadium?
(Barnet Times, 31/10/1998)

Probe into MP's stadium actions
(Barnet Times, 31/10/1998)

Top football facilities at Copthall
(Barnet Times, 08/09/1998)

Football ground is better option than housing estate
(Barnet Times, 29/08/1998)

How Barnet could stay at Underhill
(Barnet Times, 15/08/1998)

Underhill could be saved
(Barnet Times, 15/08/1998)

Final say on stadium
(Barnet Times, 08/08/2008)

Final whistle for Copthall plan
(Barnet Times, 08/08/2008)

Copthall hearings draw to a close in News
(Barnet Times, 01/08/1998)

Council states its case for Copthall
(Barnet Times, 31/07/1998)

Inquiry looks at traffic impact on Copthall
(Barnet Times, 11/07/1998)

Copthall's final showdown begins
(Barnet Times, 04/07/1998)

Bees Chairman: I'm ready to quit over Copthall
(Barnet Times, 20/06/1998)

Homes planned for Underhill football ground
(Barnet Times, 13/06/1998)

Kleanthous makes plea for extra time
(Barnet Times, 14/03/1998)


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