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Updated 31/05/02

Stephen Byers is no longer responsible for the Government Office for London (GOL) - John Prescott is. Please see below for links to various articles about this from the Government's website. It all seems a bit confusing to me, but I only skim read it...

The GOL has postponed making a decision until after a meeting by Barnet Council in late June. It would seem this is because of some clarification the GOL require over the Greenbelt issue - and the new (Conservative controlled) councillors are discussing this on 24 June.

The club has also requested that no one emails local councillors for the time being. They are holding informal meetings with the council - there is more information on the official website.

In the meantime we urge you to write letters supporting the club's application to the address below.

Mr Martin McConville
Government Office for London
Riverwalk House
157-161 Millbank

Or if you prefer you should be able to e-mail John Prescott at the following address, john.prescott@cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk

Below are snippets and links to various pages from the Government's website about the reshuffle, plus a rivetting biography of 'two-jabs' himself.

The Prime Minister has announced that the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister will be separated off from the Cabinet Office and established as a central department in its own right, with new responsibilities covering a range of cross-cutting regional and local government issues... more

The Prime Minister has decided to create a new Department for Transport  to focus solely on transport issues. This will have new leadership under Alistair Darling, with Rachel Lomax taking over as Permanent Secretary. This is an experienced team with a proven track record of delivery... more

John Prescott was born in Prestatyn, Wales, in 1938. The son of a railway signalman he was educated at Ellesmere Port Secondary Modern and at 15 began work as a trainee chef. In 1963, after working for 10 years as a steward in the Merchant Navy, John gained a diploma in economics and politics at Ruskin College Oxford, which specializes in courses for working people. He later went on to gain a BSc in economics and economic history at the University of Hull... more

Get behind the Club and show your support.


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