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Latest Announcement by the Club

In light of the latest announcement by Barnet FC, the BFCSA Committee welcomes the news that the planning department have been in further consultation with the Football Club regarding upgrades to Underhill Stadium.

Positive reports from the Club suggest that the revised plans will be passed by the Council's Planning committee, who recently deferred the application at their October Meeting.

Members of the BFCSA committee were present, and spoke in favour of the plans, at the above meeting and heard the councillors give approval to the majority of the plans. If, as it appears, the revised plans can be agreed between the Planning Department and the Club, the BFCSA Committee sees no reason why the Council's Planning Committee should not approve them.

These upgrades will ensure that the Club meet minimum Football League requirements by the May deadline, and improve the facilities for both home and away supporters, including proper disabled provisions. They will allow for the club to remain at Underhill for the short term whilst the search for a new modern home continues, as Underhill even with these improvements fails to be a long term option due to land constraints restricting expansion and lack of off field revenue potential.

This does though appear to be positive news regarding the short term future of the Club.

Statements by the committee regarding any further announcements by the Football Club will be available on this website.

BFCSA Committee, 23 October 2007


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