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Colindale - Montrose Park

15 November 2005

By John Snow, Website Editor

The Club announed today that Cllr Brian Salinger has made an "out-of-the blue announcement" - that the Montrose playing fields in Burnt Oak have been identified as a possible site for a new stadium for Barnet FC.

The club's statement can be seen on the official site here:


The Keep Barnet Alive (KBA) group have published a few more details - although it must be stressed, there is very little known at this stage. You can view this here:


The BFCSA and KBA are meeting with the club next week to discuss where the club stands at the moment - and the 'significant actions' that the club announced last week.

The BFCSA knows no more than what has already been published on the internet at this stage.

There is very little I can add here save providing some links. Public transport is the only thing that I think hasn't been covered. It has to be said, this park isn't the easiest of places to get to by public transport if you live in Barnet. (Why is Hendon and Edgware in the London Borough of Barnet anyway? And seeing they are why are there no flipping buses between the two??)

The only bus that goes from what I consider Barnet and its immediate environs to anywhere near this place is the 251, which leaves from Arnos Grove tube station, goes via Whetstone and down Totteridge Lane. Arguably the 614 bus that goes to Burnt Oak tube station goes through part of Barnet (Arkley, Stirling Corner) but I couldn't find it in my "Barnet Finchley Golders Green Out & About" guide. And I'm not sure this runs on Saturdays anyway.

Anyway, for what it's worth, here's some links which should let you work this out for yourself (sorry if I sound negative but I've never understood why it's so hard to get across London by public transport).

Streetmap - location of Montrose Playing Fields

Colindale tube seems the closest - just bottom right of the park. Note this is on the Edgware Branch of the Northern Line - so you would need to go to Camden (Zone 2) from High Barnet tube station, change and back out again. And the Northern Line is running like a pig at the moment. With no evidence of any politician (Labour, Tory or Monster Raving Loony) pulling their finger out to improve it (I use it to get to work so excuse my ranting!!)

Bus Routes on Transport for London Website (PDF - opens in new window/tab)

As you can see, plenty of buses go there - just not from Barnet (what I call Barnet).

I understand the information on the KBA page is as much as the club knows - it is certainly all the BFCSA knows. Without more information it is very difficult to say any more on the proposal, other than it is in the London Borough of Barnet.

Please note

This article is the editor's own opinion and does not necessarily reflect that of the committee or the wider BFCSA membership. Any moans on here are more inspired by public transport (and specifically the Northern Line!) than anything else.


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