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Barnet's biggest fixture of the season is on Monday night.

Public Meeting:Ravenscroft School, Barnet Lane Monday 24th November, 7:30pm

Only 400 metres south of Underhill

Following negotiations with Barnet council, Barnet FC have announced a new 10-year plan to secure the club's future. In the short term there the current stadium will be developed, largely within its current footprint, and in the longer term the council will assist the club in finding a new site in Borough suitable for a brand new stadium. More details of the plan can be seen on the internet at: www.barnetfc.com

KBA and BFCSA fully support these plans as a viable way forward in securing the club's future. We believe we can build a community consensus around these plans. They do not solve all the clubs problems overnight, but they are a major step forward. The meeting is arranged so that the whole community- Underhill residents, and Barnet fans- can find out more about the plans, ask questions, and discuss the possible way forward.

Everyone that believes that Barnet FC deserves a secure long-term future in Barnet should be there on Monday night, to show their support. This could be our most important fixture of the season, bigger than any top-of-the table clash, or any cup-tie. The very future of Barnet FC is at stake. All past plans have come to nothing, we can not continue just 'surviving'. KBA and BFCSA are committed to working with all groups within the community, to make this plan work. So when Monday comes do not leave it to others - it's time to prove your support by being there! The Council will be at the meeting to gauge public opinion! The future in your HANDS!

Don't let your club down: BE THERE.

For more info: contact KBA on 08707 442507 or keepbarnetalive@aol.com


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