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The BFCSA and KBA warmly endorse and support Barnet Football Club's proposal for the improvements to the Underhill stadium. We are delighted that the Borough of Barnet recognises the shortcomings of the current Underhill stadium and understands the Club's need for a new stadium in the Borough. We feel that the proposals represent a sensible medium term solution within the Borough of Barnet and balance the interests of local residents, the Club and its supporters.

The much needed improvements will provide better safety and more appropriate facilities for all fans, particularly the disabled.

We are also delighted to see the proposed training facilities at the Quinta Club site that will replace sites currently used that are spread from West London to Potters Bar. This will also provide additional benefits to the local community including schools.

We are grateful to Barnet chairman, Tony Kleanthous, other board members, local councillors and council officials for all their hard work in reaching this breakthrough. Both the BFCSA and the KBA will work together with the Club, Council, residents and other interested parties to bring these proposals to fruition.

Barnet Football Club is a serious contender for promotion back to the Football League and this plan is an important step in support of this aim. We look forward to success on the pitch being matched by success off the pitch.

Finally both the BFCSA and KBA greatly appreciate the enormous contribution that Tony Kleanthous has made in guiding the Club through troubled times and we offer him our full support in taking the Club forward to a successful future.

BFCSA Chairman - Mark Ashfield 020 8440 6625
BFCSA Secretary - David Davis 020 8445 5178
KBA Chairperson - Janet Matthewson 07984 887789

13 November 2003


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