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Barnet FC & the Future!

A press conference will be held on Thursday of this week.

Talks have been ongoing between the club and the council; some agreement has been reached. The club has arranged a public meeting at 7.30pm on Monday 24th November at Ravenscroft School, Barnet Lane to explain the details.

We are all guilty of leaving things to others, but not this time, it is important that you as Barnet fans attend this meeting to:

a) find out what's happening


b) show your support for the club.

Come on you Bees!

The following is an article that appeared in the Nationwide Conference Weekend Preview, Week 14:

Barnet have achieved a breakthrough in their negotiations with the local council over plans to build a new ground in the borough.

Chairman Tony Kleanthous and council leader Victor Lyon have agreed a way forward for the club which ends months of deadlock.

Dennis Signy, consultant to the Barnet board, said: "Together they have agreed a possible way forward.

"A public meeting is to be held by the club on Monday, November 24, at Ravenscroft School beginning at 7.30pm, with the council in attendance, to explain the latest proposals and see whether they have the broad support of the local community.

"Barnet FC and the chairman have always submitted that they have no political allegiances and that the issue should not be looked at politically."

The proposals form a 10-year master plan aimed at eventually finding Barnet a council-backed site for a new ground. Under the agreement, improvements will be made to the club's Underhill Stadium to increase capacity to the 6,000 required for promotion to the Football League.

Barnet will also be allowed to develop a new training facility in the borough for use by the first-team squad, the club's youth players, Barnet Ladies and the community. Talks are also ongoing about a football academy in the borough.


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