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New Barnet Area Forum

The next area forum is on Tuesday 14 January. We need a good attendance to show that Barnet supporters will not go away. This issue will run and run.

The forum starts at 18:30 at Lyonsdown Hall, 3 Lyonsdown Road, New Barnet, EN5 1JB. Your chance to put your questions to our local councillors.

Click here for a map.

Please turn up on time, as last time Barnet FC was the first item on the agenda. Wear club colours of some description - be it a shirt, scarf, hat or all three. It looks very good to have a huge sea of black and amber out there in the audience, and lets the council know just what the main issue at stake is!

If you are unhappy at:

  • The council engaging in secret talks with the Conference to scupper the Orient groundshare
  • Being banned from the council forum
  • James Roth being unable to see Councillor's expenses
  • Tony Kleanthous being smeared in the local press yet again and blamed for the problems over the ground
  • Council officials claiming it's possible to get 6,000 into Underhill

then get along to the Area Forum!

You don't have to get involved in the debate if you don't wish to, but just being there with your colours to show which side you are on is every bit as important.

This is an important fixture for all Barnet fans- there is as much riding on the outcome of the stadium issue than there is on any single Barnet match this season!

Show you care- BE THERE!

Ed's note - this was copied from the message left by John Lewis from the KBA on the official messageboard.

Also see this story taken from the Chipping Barnet Labour Party's newsletter. It shows how much the Underhill Tory councillors really care about their local residents' desire to be surrounded by green and pleasant land.


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