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Double Standards?

It would seem that certain Tory Underhill councillors can't make up their minds about where they stand on green space!

For some time now, residents around a small green space enclosed by Chesterfield Road, Stanhope Road, Dexter Road and Niton Close in Barnet have been campaigning against it being built on.

To protect the space they applied for it to have 'village green' status.

As the space is in the Underhill ward they probably thought they would have the backing of their Conservative councillors - given the slate they stood on at the last local elections.

But No! As you can see from the article below, copied from the Chipping Barnet Labour News issue No. 11, such faith was misguided.

"The Tories have voted down an application from residents for Stanhope Road Open Space to become a village green.

Planning permission was originally granted for a home on the site because the land didn't have village green status. Without this any planning refusal would likely to have been overturned on appeal by the planning inspector.

Labour councillors supported the village green application at Committee, but an Underhill Tory Councillor refused to back the residents."

Far be it for the BFCSA to comment on this - I am sure you can come to your own conclusions.

To see the space in question, click here for a map - the space should be arrowed. You should only need to click the right arrow once or twice to see Underhill Stadium.


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