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Council Meeting

On Tuesday 5 November the council cabinet will probably discuss the Barnet FC stadium. It starts at 7:00pm in the town hall, The Burroughs, Hendon.

It is a public meeting. Note that it is not certain that it will be one of the items on the long agenda, but we are reasonablt confident that it will come up.

The following is a statement from the KBA:

"Tuesday evening is the date of the next Council Cabinet Meeting.  There has been some speculation that this might include Barnet FC.

The meeting is open to the public from a viewing gallery, but there is no opportunity for members of the public to speak.  We are not organising a protest at the meeting, nor trying to round up as big a crowd as possible. However, if you are interested in finding out what is going on from the council's end of things, then this is the best chance you have.  I have no idea what the decision will be, or even what exactly will be discussed, but this is certainly a crucial meeting for the club.

A number of people from the KBA and the Supporters Association will be coming along to hear the potentially crucial discussion.

The meeting takes place at Hendon Town Hall at 7pm on Tuesday 5 November.

The following day is the area forum- taking place at The Rainbow Centre, Dollis Valley Way, Barnet, EN5 2UN, starting at 6:30pm. This is an important meeting coming as it does just 24 hours after the crucial cabinet meeting.

Regardless of the outcome of the cabinet meeting this will be an important forum - we can be sure to face a lot of flak if the council support the comprpomise deal - and the council will be under a lot of fire if they don't; or if for some reason they have prevaricated over making a decision.

It is really important that we have a strong presence at these area forums to show the strength of feeling.  Please try to come along, and WEAR SOME CLUB COLOURS so that everyone knows why you're there.  There is no need to speak at the meeting if you don't want to, many people just come along to listen to what is said and show their support for the club."

For a map of where the Rainbow centre is, click here.


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