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Labour leader Councillor Alan Williams has finally got a motion on Barnet FC on the agenda for debate at the meeting of Barnet Council on July 9.

Tony Kleanthous has called for Barnet fans to attend this meeting, saying:

"Will supporters turn up in large numbers at the meeting to demonstrate to the council that they, too, want us to stay in the borough? July 9 could be the crunch day for Barnet FC. We will know whether we are wanted or not.

"For the past seven years we have played the match, for the past 12 months it has been golden goal and extra time - now we are down to penalties!"

So, don't let Tony down. To summarise:

Date - 9 July 2002

Time - Hmmm, good question, evening I guess - watch this space!

Venue - Hendon Town Hall, click here for map.

Transport - 326 Bus goes all the way (can be caught from High/New and East Barnet, Whetstone and North Finchley)


The amended motion is as follows;

Notice of motion to Council, Tuesday 9 July 2002 From Cllr Alan Williams

Council supports Barnet Football Club and resolves to do everything in its power to keep this tremendous community asset within the boundaries of the London Borough of Barnet.

Council recognises the concerns of local people about traffic, parking and associated issues, and resolves to work with the Club to address these problems in the interest of the thousands of Borough residents who support Barnet FC.

Council notes that Barnet Football Club has planning permission for a new stadium on the south Underhill site, but that in order to raise the necessary investment to develop the site the Club needs to purchase the freehold from the Council.

Council requests that the Cabinet negotiate the possible sale of the south Underhill site freehold to Barnet Football Club, and considers a written report on progress made at the Cabinet meeting on 2 September 2002.


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