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Email, Email and Email

It is time once again to get emailing your local councillors plus Brian Coleman and Victor Lyon (the main opposers to the ground application on the council).

We would suggest that you write a polite email to both Cllr Coleman and Cllr Lyon, then carbon copy it to to your own councillors - we would also suggest blind carbon copying it to us.

If all that sounds a bit complicated then follow the steps below.

1A Email Cllr Coleman at cllr.b.coleman@barnet.gov.uk

1B Email Cllr Lyon at cllr.v.lyon@barnet.gov.uk

2 Copy these to your local councillors (assuming you live in London Borough of Barnet). There will be three of them. As there are many of them, and it would be a healthy thing to do to get familiarised with the council's website, click here to be taken directly to the page on said website that lists all the councillors - and their addresses. You will need to know what ward you live in first - if you're not sure then there is a map which should give you a good idea. (If you live in the Totteridge ward then don't forget that Cllrs Coleman and Lyon are your councillors.)

3 Blind copy the email to us - just so we get an idea of how many emails are being sent - when you get your reply please send us a copy for the same reason. The address is info@bfcsa.net

Again! Again!

1A Email Cllr Coleman at cllr.b.coleman@barnet.gov.uk

1B Email Cllr Lyon at cllr.v.lyon@barnet.gov.uk

2 Copy these to your local councillors - click here for list of addresses.

3 Blind copy the email to us at info@bfcsa.net

Now what?

OK - you've emailed the relevant councillors - who else is there?

Well - why not Chipping Barnet's Member of Parliament, Sir Sydney Chapman MP.

Don't forget that this man has written "I deperately want to see Barnet FC to survive and prosper." and "I would be prepared to overlook any rebuilding of the stadium just dipping into the Green Belt..." This was in a letter written to me on 26 January 2002. In a letter written on 1 February 2002 (after I had asked for some clarification) he added "I would not be opposed, in principle, to a stadium being built on the existing site of Underhill and I would not oppose such a redevelopment provided that it did not extend to the south of the site by more than a few yards."

His email address can be found on his website at www.sydneychapman.com, although I had trouble getting this to work (ie emails got bounced back) and I ended up using the feedback/comments box, which is on the site somewhere. Instead you could keep the good people at the Royal Mail in gainful employment by writing to him (in pen and ink) at:

Sir Sydney Chapman MP (Chipping Barnet)
The House of Commons


Local media - the local rags in other words.

The Barnet Press do not have much of a web presence that I've ever found, but they can be emailed at newsbarnet@trinitysouth.co.uk

The Barnet Times has a very good web presence, and has alway been very supportive of the Bees. You can find their website at www.barnettimes.co.uk If you want to email them a letter, you can do so at cotoole@london.newsquest.co.uk

If Barnet Council are going to change their minds on this one, it is going to be because the residents of Barnet are upset by what is happening to their town's football club.

Local residents are not going to know what is happening if it doesn't stay on the front page of the local papers, and it's not going to stay on the front page if the papers don't think many people are concerned.

It goes without saying that the more people who send letters/emails to the local papers, the more it shows the papers how important this is to local people.

Not to Mention...

Check out the Barnet Council Open Forum (it's a messageboard). Although the messages are moderated before they are published they do get replies from people at the council (not necessarily councillors). From a few I read, on various subjects, the replies seem full and informative. There is a fair few from Barnet fans that have been posted over the last few days (this being written on 23 June 2002) and they are all awaiting approval. Add to that list NOW!

Anybody Else?

Well, I'm asking you. If you can think of anyone else who would be worth contacting then please let us know. Similarly, if any of the above turns out to be incorrect, or doesn't work, then please let us know.

I've seen plenty of suggestions on the messageboard at barnetfc.com, but they don't stay in the top ten for long - then no one reads them. Please let me know of any useful addresses so that fans and other concerned people can have one easy source of information.

You can do so by emailing me at info@bfcsa.net

John Snow, Website Editor.


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