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Below is a copy of an email that has been sent to Councillor Lyon of Barnet Council, seeking a meeting with him. It has been sent on behalf of both the BFCSA and OBFCSA.

Cllr V Lyon

I am writing to you on behalf of the Supporters’ Associations of Barnet Football Club. As you may know we have together over 1000 members.

We are increasingly concerned at the reported developments in respect of the Club’s stadium proposals. In particular we understand that you will not now refer the matter to the Barnet Council Cabinet on 24 June. This is in conflict with the contents of the letter from Martin McConville from the Government Office for London dated 23 May that stated that this was your intention. I am sure you realise that a delay is potentially very damaging to the Club.

  • In view of your previous intention to discuss this next Monday can you please explain why this has changed?
  • Do you accept that this a real threat to the future of the Club?
  • If so how is this consistent with other statements made by you that you wish to see the Club stay in the Borough?
  • If you are unable to support any development at Underhill what are your alternatives and in what time-scale?

As you will remember we as supporters put considerable pressure on the last administration in 2000 when there was a crisis after the rejection of the Copthall proposal. It is disappointing that after so much progress we now face a further threat to our existence.

The last Leader of the Council gave us the courtesy of a meeting in July 2000 attended by some 30 or so fans and this was very useful. On behalf of the Supporters’ Association committee may I request that you meet with the committee members, or if you prefer a smaller number? We would be prepared to meet you at any time convenient to yourself but respectfully suggest that this needs to be very soon.

20 June 2002


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