Meeting With Syd

QE Girls School
1 February at 8:00pm

Updated 29/01/02

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  Artist's impression of the proposed stadium
Picture from the
Official Site
  BFCSA are behind the new proposed stadium and wants as many supporters to attend a meeting with Sir Sydney Chapman at QE Girls school on Friday Feb 1st at 8.00pm.

Sydney Chapman is the long standing MP for Chipping Barnet. He is in the Conservative Party. Underhill is in his constituency.

He has a website, but there is not a great deal on it - certainly no mention of this. There's a few photos of him attending some sort of function.

Pictured above is what we stand to gain should the plans be approved.

Below is a reproduction of a flyer that would have been handed out by the BFCSA at the Farnborough game, had it not been rained off. An aerial plan of the ground, showing its relation to the existing ground and surrounding area is below that.

Please make every effort to attend this meeting. Our understanding is that it is only open to Chipping Barnet constituents. The exact wording on the leaflet advertising the meeting says "Sir Sydney Chapman MP invites constituents to a public meeting to discuss Barnet's Green Belt".

As you are probably aware if you read the message board on the official site, our interpretation of this is strongly disagreed with. However, as an association who do not want to be seen giving out false information, we have to err on the side of caution.

I intended to try and confirm what Sir Sydney intended, but just have not had the time. In the meantime, you are obviously at liberty to interpret the wording on that leaflet as you wish.

The Barnet Press says that ""Football fans ... will have a chance to debate ... new plans ... tomorrow night." Which suggests that this is open to everyone after all. Ho Hum...



As you will know, Barnet FC has applied for planning permission to build a new stadium to the south of the existing site on Green Belt. This is vital if the Club is to have a chance to return to the Football League.

There is also a proposal by the Nationwide Conference to require the stadium of its members to comply with the minimum standard of the Football League. This is a further threat to the Club.

You may have seen in the local press that some local residents are against the proposal. In the light of this the local MP, Sir Sydney Chapman has arranged a public meeting on Friday 1st of February at 8pm in the assembly hall, Queen Elizabeth's Girls School, High Street, Barnet. The meeting is to hear the views of constituents who are concerned about possible erosion of Green Belt.

You can help play a part in securing the Club's future by attending this meeting.

In order to ensure a balanced debate we must ensure that the voice of supporters as well as residents is represented. Also please write to him at House of Commons, London, SW1A OAA.

Therefore if you live in the Chipping Barnet constituency, be there and be heard.

The Council is currently reviewing the planning application by the Club and the Environmental and Planning Committee will consider it on 27 February.

Meanwhile it is not too late to let the Council hear your views. If you live in the Borough you are urged to write to Mr Andrew Smith (Reference: N02646V/01), Planning Department, London Borough of Barnet, 1255 High Road, London N20 0EJ. Tell them what you think.

We must not let this proposal go the same way as Copthall or we risk losing local football. Please be at the meeting on 1st February and please write to the Council and Sir Sydney Chapman. You want commitment on the field now show some off the field. Support your football club.

26 January 2002

  Overhead Plan  
  Picture from the Official Site  
  The existing Underhill site is the ground on the left.  

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