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  OnlyBarnet 01/03/2011 Barnet FC Websites  
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  Black Amber Army 06/09/2008 Barnet FC Websites  
  UpThePosh! 21/10/2006 League Two Club Unofficial Websites  
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  Barnet FC Websites  
  BarnetFC.com (register only) The Official Website  
  Barnet FC History I intend on writing a fuller and more deserving review of this site in the near future. Visit this site - a must.

A website dedicated to the history of the club. Lots of pictures and other information about the club.

  Keep Barnet Alive Campaign group dedicated to what it says on the tin! The BFCSA have close ties to the KBA and their website tells you everything you need to know about them and their campaign.  
  Barnet Fan Club of Norway The Barnet Fan Club of Norway was formed in September 1991, just after Barnet had started their first season in the Football league. Although this website has not been updated for some time it is still has some interesting information.  
  This is Bees Run by Iain Dalziel who also writes match reports for bfcsa.co.uk this is a new website to the stable of Barnet websites. It's just 'getting up and going' at the moment but already has a comprehensive song sheet for those of us (like me) who only know the first couple of lines of the songs and a short biography of various fans. Iain writes reports for all the matches he attends, only some of which appear on bfcsa.co.uk. Hopefully he'll archive them all on his website, but at the time of writing he is only putting up the latest one.  
  Two Together Many a moon ago, when the only keyboards were the ones to be found on typewriters and a mouse was something that lived in a cage, fans produced small magazines called 'fanzines' instead of websites. Although there are still some fanzines around today, alas there are none produced about Barnet FC. But this Barnet fanzine from yesteryear (well, early nineties) - two-together - has been put on the internet by popular demand (apparently). Be warned, they contain jokes and even some swearing. But are well worth the read.  
  Colin Wasp's Barnet Banter This is a blog site. At the time of visiting it had a report of our Dover Trophy game that included the line "half-time burger was livened up by ... something going by the name of 'Burger Sauce'; pink but not perky, a look and taste not dissimilar to taramasalata (or perhaps anothe of Bob Geldof's daughters)." This site should be worth keeping an eye on!  
  Barnet Cartoons This site is well known to most Barnet internet fans. It is run by James Harrison who did the match-previews for the BFCSA site for the 2003/04 season and runs the messageboard that we link to. The best thing (IMHO) about this site are the cartoons (durrr...) in the match reports, which show how the goals are scored. They include useful lines showing the path of the ball! The match reports are often witty and accompanied by more cartoons: showing the 'referee-factory' or the opposition diving into a swimming pool. You'll see what I mean when you get there...  
  Barnet Times Bees Zone The local paper here is the Barnet Times, and a fine publication it is indeed. This is the 'Barnet FC' section of their website. Includes news and match reports and also has sections on history, transfers, fixtures, stats and a fair bit more. It's very good actually!  
  HYDA Regularly updated with news stories that will be of interest to Barnet fans that do not usually appear on the official site. Such as which clubs have signed ex-players and Conference news that affects the clubs, such as rule changes.  
  Shirt Challenge As far as I can tell this website aims to have photos of women at every Barnet game wearing a Barnet shirt and presumably at the end of the season one of the pictures will be deemed the winner. So far they have a 100% success rate (although at the time of writing we're only three games into the season) which must be down to the silver charms of the lads who run it. Or something. There are also some rather impressive photos (not in 'the challenge') of other people wearing 'the shirt', including Barnet captain Ian Hendon's wife, and Steve Perrin, Forest Green's colourful goalkeeper.  
  History Barnet FC Another amazing history website that I can't do justice with this description. Lots of old photos help plot the history from 1888 (or even earlier?). Includes a map of Mrs Cooks' farm. Not sure what Mrs Cook has got to do with Barnet FC? Well, click on the link and find out!  
  Barnet Mad This site is now being run by a Barnet fan. I think the 'Mad' stable update a lot of the pages automatically but can be personalised if someone volunteers to run it. This site has certainly been personalised as our performance against Bath City in the 2004/05 FA Cup was described as "utter sh*te"! It includes previews and reports of the games plus lots of interesting statistics of league and cup finishes over the years. A welcome addition to the stable of Barnet sites.  
  BeesBeesBees Rivals site. regular previews and reports of all the games plus a messageboard.  
  Barnet Football Club News Part of the Vital Football network of sites. The stories appear to be pasted directly from the official site (the one about Strevens leaving certainly was - almost word for word).  
  Barnet Away Dayz Barnet Away dayz promises to have photos of their away trips. It's all ready for next season, with a write up of the last game from the 2005/06 season at Rushden & Diamonds at the moment.  
  Black Amber Army According to their website: "We have been trying to improve the atmosphere at Underhill and on our travels. We are planning some major additions for the 2008/09 season, so please get in touch to help out. In the meantime, take a look at our pictures from the 2007/08 season to see what we are all about. This has been created to show what we get up to on the Central East Terrace at Underhill Stadium. Please have a look around and hopefully you will..."  
  OnlyBarnet A new messageboard that sprung up in response to growing dissatisfaction with the board on the official website. Fast become the central hive of activity (if I may) of 'netbees' everywhere.  
  Please let us know if you know of any others.

League Two Club Official Websites

These got very out of date so I have deleted them. I figured most people know how to use Google these days. But if you want a list of such links then this is the place to go:

Ciderspace (Yeovil Town) links for league Two

  League Two Club Unofficial Websites  
  UpThePosh! This site is dedicated to researching and documenting the history of The Posh (Peterborough United) — every match, every player, every manager, every goal.  
  League Two Websites

Below are links to websites that deal specifically with League Two. If any do not work properly or you know of any others then please let us know.

I couldn't find any unofficial sites - odd. Maybe I got too used to confguide while we were in the Conference.

  Official Site (register only) This is part of the bigger PTV League website, which covers from the Championship down to League Two.  
  Coca Cola Exactly what you'd expect, only worse. It starts with a flash animation - I dread to think how long it would take to download on a dial-up - with no obvious way of skipping it. And then it gets worse. The whole site is based on flash. The so-called newsroom appears to be merely a link to Sky Sports. Anyone who remembers the Nationwide website will be forgiven for expecting better from their sponsor. But what do you expect from... [I deleted this in case it was libellous!] At the time of visiting (02/09/2005) they hadn't even updated the manager of the month page - which had been announced the day before.  
  Ciderspace (Yeovil Town) links for league Two A list of links for every club in League Two. Includes informative descriptions of each website. A very useful resource. Has a similar page for League One, non-league clubs and football sites in general. In fact, go to their links page - it's far better than this one!  
  BBC League Two Good old Auntie - if all else fails, check the BBC. It's probably got what you want, and if not they might offer you a link to it. Worth the licence fee on its own.  
  Other Football Websites

Below are just a few of the many worthy sites out there. If you know of a site that you feel deserves a mention then please send us a link with a short description to use. Please also use this link to tell us if any of the below links are not working properly.

  NFFSC National Federation of Football Supporters' Clubs. BFCSA are affiliated to this association.  
  Talk Football Submitter's own description - "Talk Football is a site that takes enthusiasts through the history of the games and clubs. The site also provides guides to help you improve your game, with skills, tactics, formation information and helping interested people get involved in the game with up to date blogs and forums."  
  www.forza-katwijk.nl Submitter's own description - "Katwijk is one of the most successful Dutch football clubs of the past ten years."  
  The Non-League Website This site is run by Christopher Nash who is a committee member of BFCSA. It is primarily about the grounds he has visited and has interesting reviews of each ground.

The ratings are largely based on the proximity and price of the local chip shops and availability of ales recognised by the Campaign for Real Ale. It also has some useful information the recent restructuring that has been going on below the National Conference.

If you like beer, fish'n'chips and non-league football then this site is a must. Otherwise, don't worry about it.

  thesportingbookshop.co.uk Submitter's own description - "The Sporting Bookshop specialises in old and out-of-print football, cricket, boxing and fishing books with a selection of many other sports. We also have in stock football and other sports programmes, magazines, videos & memorabilia."  
  kitclassics.co.uk An excellent site with graphics of strips worn by many clubs over the years. There are many non-league teams including many Barnet strips since 1888.  
  Soccerlinks An extensive directory of links for football websites. See advert below.  
  Gee's Football Links Another directory of links for football websites.  
  www.fanbase.inuk.com Submitter's own description - "Fanbase is a directory of the leading English football links and features an extensive selection of links for direct news, support sites, local news and chat."  
  Football Ground Guide A real labour of love, this one. If the page on Underhill is anything to go by, then this is well worth a visit for information on other club's grounds.  
  The Pyramid Another site that specifically explains the pyramid structure of the game. Explanations of how teams move between the various leagues and an index that lets you look up a league name and find out where it is in the pyramid.  
  tonykempster.co.uk A very good site, with lots of maps and pictures showing how the massive restructuring will affect the non-league game.  
  The Non League Paper The website of this excellent organ.  
  Programme Messageboard If you collect programmes then this seems like a good place to discuss your hobby...  
  non league programmes.co.uk Football Programme site for Non-League clubs.  
  The Football Forum Online Football Community  
  McDonalds Restaurant Locator It would seem from the messageboard on the Official Site that finding a McDonalds is a prerequisite of an away game. This page on the official McDonalds website will tell you the closest three McDonalds to the postcode of your choice. You can also filter out restaurants that don't have baby-changing facilities.  
  National Association of Disabled Supporters From the site: "Frustration among fans was behind the formation of NADS, an independent body aiming to represent all disabled fans. NADS has contributed to the debate about services for disabled fans, and has been consulted by the football authorities. But there is still a long way to go."  
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