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Underhill II

The BFCSA have leafleted members encouraging them to come to the meeting last week at QE school, committe members were at the meeting and we have written letters to various councillors and Sir Sydney Chapman.

We have a committee meeting on Thursday, 7 February where we will be discussing what more can be done to take forward the campaign for "Underhill II"

In the meantime we urge you to write to your local councillor and let them know how important this is for the future of Barnet FC. As hard as it may be to believe, not all councillors are aware of the everyday goings on at Underhill. As someone mentioned on the messageboard, one councillor thought that we were still planning on moving to Copthall!

So make sure your councillor is aware of all the facts, and the strength of feeling out there.

You can contact your local councillor by email. Rather than reproduce all the addresses here, I thought it would be better to link to the Council's website where you will be presented with a map of the borough. Simply click on your ward and you will be presented with your councillors' details - and email address.

Councillors Website

You can also contact Sir Sydney Chapman, Chipping Barnet's MP by email. His website address is below, with his email address.

Sir Sid's Website

Why not send us a copy of your email and the anwer you receive? We can publish them on here so that we will have a single source of what they are all saying.

Lastly you could also lobby ken Livingstone, the London Mayor. There is an email address for him on the London Mayor Website.

London Mayor Website

If you have anything you want to send us, to be published on this site, please send it here.


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