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Any Questions?

  Do you have any questions
  • about Barnet Football Club that you think the BFCSA may be able to answer, or get you an answer?
  • about what the BFCSA committee's opinion or position is on something?
  • about the BFCSA itself?

If so then this is your oppurtunity to have them answered. Questions can be submitted via this page and will be published. (We haven't worked out the finer details yet, but I would imagine that we will not necessarily publish questions from non-members, and there will obviously be some form of censorship if questions are just downright abusive, etc.)

As and when the question can be answered, the answer will also be published. The BFCSA committee meets once per month (first Thursday), so it may take a while before an answer appears.

Got a question? Then Click Here.

This will open up your email program. If not, then you can send your question to info@bfcsa.co.uk

Click here to see questions that have been submitted (and any answers).

Any questions received (with the subject heading "BFCSA Question") will be assumed as intended for publication, unless otherwise stated. Please state what name you would like to appear under your question. Email addresses of contributors will NOT be published, unless explicitly requested. Please state your membership number (which will not be published) if appropriate.

You will not receive an automated response - please allow 48 hours for your question to be published. Thank you.


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