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About The BFCSA

Revised rules approved by the Annual General Meeting held on 08 July 2010

About The BFCSA

Barnet Football Club Supporters' Association has proudly represented Bees supporters for over 80 years.

We will align the association with the club to assist the development of a strongly supported successful club.

The association works with the club to develop an organisation and social programme appropriate for a successful Football League Club.

When and where possible the association will offer transport to members to away fixtures endeavouring to give our members a good travelling experience.

Your association is an active member of The Football Supporters' Federation which co-ordinates the representation of supporters' views at a national level.

Rules of the Association


The Association shall be called "The Barnet Football Club Supporters' Association".


The object of the Association is to further the general welfare of the supporters of Barnet Football Club and to work independently with the club's management to develop a successful well supported club.

Membership and Subscriptions

Membership is open to all supporters of Barnet Football Club who shall pay an annual subscription that shall be set by the committee. A membership card will be issued as an official receipt.

Any member disobeying the Rules or being guilty of misconduct be reported to the committee, who will deal with the offender as thought fit.


A committee consisting of the Chairman, Hon.Secretary, Hon.Treasurer and a maximum of 20 other members will conduct the business of the Association. These Officers will be elected by the members annually at the Annual General Meeting to serve for the following year. If the committee has less than 23 members in total at any time then it may co-opt new committee members who shall need to be nominated and seconded by a committee member and receive a majority vote of the committee.

The Chairman will not vote on matters except he shall have a casting vote if there is no majority.

The committee shall have jurisdiction over all matters affecting the Association and may appoint sub-committees as considered necessary.

Committee Meetings

The committee shall meet not less than once every calendar month. The quorum shall be not less than 51% of the committee membership. All meetings shall be minuted, agreed at the next meeting and signed by the Chairman. Any member of the committee failing to attend four consecutive meetings, the seat shall be declared vacant unless a satisfactory and acceptable reason is given for such absence.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting be held not later than the month of July in each year, to receive the Committee's Report and duly audited Accounts for the year to 31 May and to transact any other business that may arise. All nominations for the Committee to be submitted in writing to the Secretary by the 1st of June. Where there are more nominations than vacancies for the Committee, a vote shall be held at the Annual General Meeting.

Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be placed on the Association’s Website and sent to the last known address of each member. Only members as at 31 May shall be entitled to attend the AGM.

Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting may be called at the request of the Committee, or after receipt of a written request signed by at least 50 members, the object of the meeting being stated. The Secretary shall issue a notice convening the meeting, setting out the business, and only that business shall be transacted.

Dissolution and Transfer of Assets

If the Association be dissolved all assets shall be disposed of as directed by the Committee.

Financial Management

The Committee is empowered to meet any reasonable expense incurred by the association unless the amount exceeds 2,000 when approval shall be sought from the members in a General Meeting. The forgoing shall not apply when the expense is considered to be an ordinary operating expense of the Association.


The Association will have in place public liability insurance provided by a reputable insurance company for an amount of not less than 2 million.


The Committee shall have the power to elect annually a President of the Association.


That any point not provided for or dealt with in these rules to be left to the discretion of the Committee and that its decision shall be final and binding on all parties.

Any alterations to these rules shall only be made at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose.


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