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The Beginning to 1901

Rewritten 20 January 2001

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The History of Barnet FC is a long and interesting tale of a club that has seen some highs and more than its fair share of lows in its 100 plus years existence. So long, in fact, that this history will be spread out over several pages. This is the first section, charting the story from 1888 (or was it earlier?) to 1901.

We would be grateful to anyone who can add to anything written here. Apart from pointing out any inaccuracies, we would be pleased to receive contributions so that this history can be "fleshed out" even more. For that reason, the details on this page are likely to be changed as more information is unearthed.

Please contact us if there is anything you can help us with.

The following sources were useful for writing this page.

Barnet FC.com (Official Site)
Barnet FC History website
Barnet Times - Bees Zone
Barnet Museum (Wood Street)

The Early Years

The early years are something of a mystery, and anything written below is based on various sources. It should not be taken as gospel - it has been changed twice since it first went online.

1881 to 1887

Barnet FC were formed in 1881 as Woodville FC playing at Woodville Road in New Barnet.

Their name was amended in 1882 to Woodville (Barnet) FC and they moved to Cromer Road and then Cook's Farm, Victoria Road in around 1885. The name changed at some point during 1885 to 1888 to New Barnet FC.

1888 to 1901

In 1888 they settled on Barnet FC, before moving to Queens Road, High Barnet in 1889. This site is now occupied by QE Boys school. At this point, the club's colours were black and violet. 1888 is the official year that the club was founded. Their headquarters was the Old Salisbury Hotel and their dressing rooms were at the Black Horse, Wood Street.

Barnet FC competed in the Olympian League and then the North London League. Opponents included Finchley, London Caledonians, Tottenham, Cowley Athletic, London Rifle Brigade and Barnet Grammar School.

A local team from New Barnet called Clifford FC disbanded in 1893, and some of their best players joined Barnet FC. Barnet had moved to the North Middlesex League by the 94/95 season (or the North London League had been renamed?), and with these extra players Barnet finished runners-up. A "smoking concert" was held in the Old Salisbury Hotel, and the players were presented with bronze medals - the club's first awards.

The 96/97 season was even better, with the team winning the Premier Division of the North Middlesex League and Alliance.

Another local team called Barnet Avenue FC, whose headquarters were at the Rising Sun near where the Post Office is now, had a rival following and the two teams did play each other. See the Barnet FC History website where there is an extract of a match report from a local paper.

The 97/98 season ended with Barnet FC winning the championship of the London League Division Two. Runners up were an amateur club called Fulham.

In 1901 the FA had reason to investigate the affairs of the club. They were not satisfied with the book-keeping, or the explanations given. Various officials were suspended, and most of the players. At this point there was no alternative, but for Barnet FC to disband.

Barnet Avenue then became the leading local club, although another local side, Alston Works FC (see next section), were hot on their heels.

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