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Away Fan's Guide - How to Get to Underhill

These instructions should deliver you safely to Underhill Stadium. Please let us know if they let you down, or you have any other comments. Thank you, and enjoy the game!

Above is a photo of the Old Red Lion Pub, which is very popular with away supporters. Thanks to http://www.stfc.fotopic.net/ (a Shrewsbury Town FC photo site) for the photo.

Click here for a map of the immediate area, with Underhill circled.

Transport for London Journey Planner

Plan your London Transport journey by clicking the Journey Planner link. You'll be presented with an easy-to-use menu offering a range of routes, together with detailed maps, times and fares. As it’s real-time it will advise of any possible delays. It covers all types of public transport from tubes, trains and buses to river services and cycle paths. Journey Planner can even identify mobility issues or limited walking time. This will open up a new tab/window on Transport for London's website. The destination details will already be completed (ie Barnet FC, Underhill Stadium - although it will display the postcode) so all you need to do is enter where you're travelling from.

Full Address

Barnet Football Club
Underhill Stadium
Barnet Lane

Eats and Drinks

Once you get there you will want to know what to do and where to go for eats and drinks. I intended to put something on this page about that, but in the meantime you could do far worse than visit the Barnet Cartoons website's guide for away visitors.

Be warned that there is some tounge-in-cheek humour and I think there is the odd swear word. The site is run by James Harrison who has been doing the match-previews for the 2003-04 season and runs the messageboard that we link to.


Below are instructions on how to get to the home of Barnet FC, Underhill.

By Road
By Public Transport

By Road

Outside M25 Route
A1(M) South Route (Straightforward)
A1(M) South Route (Scenic)
Inside the M25 Route

Outside M25 Route

If you are coming to Barnet from anywhere outside the M25 follow this route:

Leave the M25 at Junction 23, the intersection with the A1(M).

If you are coming from the East (ie Essex area, M11, or anti-clockwise) take the first turning off the roundabout, which is the A1081.

If you are coming from the West (i.e. M3, M4, M40, M1, or clockwise) keep in the right hand lane of the slip road as you leave the M25. On the roundabout go past the exits for the A1(M) (North), the services and the M25 (East). Keep to the left lane as you pass under the M25 and take the A1081 on your left.

Follow the A1081 for about two miles. There are some new traffic lights and a roundabout near the Green Dragon pub, but it's in the middle of nowhere. Go over this roundabout (well, round it, you know what I mean).

Then you come to another set of traffic lights (there will be shops and things by now). This is the junction with the A1000. Follow the road to the right, which is Barnet High Street. Carry on along the road, which will turn to your left.

At the next set of lights, Barnet Church will be on your right, and Jenny's Burgers on your left. Now see the From the Church instructions, below.

A1(M) South Route (Straightforward)

If you're already on the A1(M), coming south, you can either follow the above directions after turning off at the M25 Junction, or carry on under the M25 until you come to a roundabout with a Shell petrol station on your left.

Turn left onto the A411 up the hill until you come to a set of lights by the Gate Pub. Go straight over and follow the road into Barnet for about two miles until the Church is on your left, and Barnet College is on your right.

From The Church

Go straight on, down the hill. At the next set of lights, (just before High Barnet Underground Station), carry on down the hill. You can either turn left half way down the hill (just past the pelican crossing) and park in the station car park (this is the officially preferred parking place for away support - see the From High Barnet Tube Station directions (below) to get to the ground from here). Alternatively, follow the road to the next set of lights.

You should be able to see the ground as you come down the hill, on your right, behind the Old Red Lion Pub. Take the right before the Old Red Lion and follow the road round (Underhill, becomes Mays Lane). The roads by the ground are coned-off, so park in a nearby street (to the right) and walk back to the ground (see Street Parking below).

A1(M) South Route (Scenic)

This avoids Barnet Town, but is down a long and winding narrow lane with a couple of very tight bends. There is also a width restriction and stables, so watch out for horses.

Follow the A1(M) South Directions, above. About 50 yards past the Gate Pub turn right into Barnet Gate Lane. Follow it along around the bends and after about one and a half miles you will arrive at the edge of town. Carry straight on for another half mile (it will be called Mays Lane, by now) and you will go through the width restriction. The ground is on the right in another half mile, but it is advisable to park in one of the roads on the left. See Street Parking, below.

There is also a Car Park near the Tube Station, if you prefer - continue along Mays Lane. You will get to a junction with Barnet Hill (The Old Red Lion Pub, will be on your right). Turn left, up Barnet Hill, and the entrance to the Car Park is on your right, just before a Pelican Crossing. To get to the ground from here, see the From High Barnet Tube Station instructions, below.

Street Parking

I've been meaning to delete this bit for ages. Many local residents would rather you didn't park in the streets surrounding the ground (not that there's a law against it...) so in the interests of goodwill and harmony to our neighbours we politely ask you to use the parking available at High Barnet Tube station. Directions to which are elsewhere on this page (depending which way you came).

Inside the M25 Route

If you're coming from the A406 (North Circular Road) turn off at the A1000 towards North Finchley. Follow it through Finchley, then Whetstone. After one and a half miles from Whetstone, (three and a half from North Circular), you will come to a set of lights with Barnet Odeon on your left.

It will be easier to drive away after the game if you park before the ground. You can either find somewhere to park here in the slip road, or turn right at the lights (Station Road) and park in one of the roads off Station Road. Once parked, walk to the Odeon then head for the bridge (on your right, looking at the Odeon). Once under the bridge you will see The Old Red Lion Pub (where away fans are welcome).

To park nearer the ground, carry on under the bridge in front. You will see The Old Red Lion pub, on your left. You can either take the left just after it (Underhill, then becomes Mays Lane), and see the Street Parking instructions above, or continue up the hill and turn right into the Tube Station Car Park (just before the Pelican Crossing). See the From High Barnet Tube Station instructions, below, to walk back to the ground.

The A1000 through Finchley can be very busy, so it could take over half an hour from the North Circular. If you have an A-Z, it might be best to find an alternative route!

If you're coming from elsewhere inside the M25, just head for Barnet and follow the above directions depending on which way you're coming.

By Public Transport

Train or Tube

Assuming you arrive at one of the London mainline stations, I would recommend using the tube (or underground) to get to High Barnet Tube Station. See By Tube instructions, below. Some people prefer the British Rail service, but I find the tubes more frequent, and reliable.

If you wish to use British Rail to get to Barnet then you will need to get to either Kings Cross or Finsbury Park Stations and go to New Barnet Station - the trains will be going to Welwyn Garden City. From my experience using this service, you are better off going to Finsbury Park as all the trains going to New Barnet will stop at Finsbury Park. You will also be able to pick up this service from Moorgate, Old Street and Highbury and Islinglton Stations, but this service stops at 9 o'clock in the evening and does not run at all at weekends.

When you arrive at New Barnet Station turn left at the top of the steps and turn right, out of the exit. There is a short hill down to Station Road. Bear left and walk up Station Road (you can get a bus, but it's not that far). At the top of Station Road you will see "The Odeon" cinema opposite. Cross the Main Road (towards the cinema) then turn right. you will see a pub on the left called "The Queens Arms", where away supporters are welcome. However, if you keep walking (under a railway bridge) you will see another pub called "The Old Red Lion", where most away supporters go. Underhill is just behind this pub.

By Tube

You should buy a One Day Travelcard, Zones 1 to 5 - this will let you make unlimited journeys on all trains, tubes and buses within these zones until the tubes stop running (and I think until 6 o'clock in the morning on the Night-Buses!!)

High Barnet Station is on the Northern Line (coloured black on the map). Most (if not all) mainline stations will only involve changing once on the tube. Once on the Northern Line, ensure you are not on an "Edgware" train when you get to Camden Town (also check it is not due to terminate at any of the other stations on the Edgware Branch, such as "Golders Green"). If you are, get off and follow the signs to the "High Barnet" Platform. Once on the High Barnet Branch, check that the train terminates at High Barnet.

If it terminates at "Finchley Central" or "Mill Hill East" then you will need to get off at Finchley Central and wait for a High Barnet Train (Note - if it's very cold and raining, you may want to get off at Highgate, which is the last station that is under ground, and wait for a High Barnet train there. But is the Away part of Underhill covered? You'll have to wait and see ;-). Rarely, the train may terminate at another station. If so, just wait for the next High Barnet train.

For more information on the Tube Network, go to their website.

From High Barnet Tube Station

When you arrive at High Barnet station, turn left out of the exit and walk through the car-park. You will come to a main road. Cross this road (there is a pelican crossing to your right) and walk down the hill. You will see the "Old Red Lion" pub (which welcomes Away Supporters) and Underhill is just behind it.


If you need to get a bus to the ground, then the following go very near it. Get off when you see "The Odeon" cinema and the "Queens Arms" pub, next to it.

34, 84, 107, 234, 263, 307, 326, 384.


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