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Barnet 2-0 Bradford City
Atieno (41)
Oster (48)
HT 1-0   Attendance 2317

Npower League Two
Saturday 05 January 2012 15:00

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Fuller (88)

Bradford City


Ref: Mark Heywood



Stack, Fuller, Johnson, Stephens, Iro, Byrne, Yiadom, Weston, Oster, Holmes (Thompson - 82), Atieno (Hyde - 89)

Unused substitutes: Cowler, Brown, Kamdjo, Barker, Holwijn

Bradford City

Duke, Darby (Turgott - 77), McArdle, Good, Ravenhill (Connell - 66), Jones (Reid - 46), Atkinson, Jones, Doyle, Hanson, Wells

Unused substitutes: McLaughlin, McHugh, Turgott, Brown, Hines

Team Grid

This compares the selections with the previous game's selections (eg this game's starting XI are on the first two rows):

  Previous game
Started Started, subbed Used sub Unused sub Not selected
This game Started Stack, Fuller, Stephens, Yiadom, Weston, Iro, Oster Byrne Johnson  
Started, subbed Holmes   Atieno    
Used sub Hyde       Thompson
Unused sub Brown     Cowler, Kamdjo Barker, Holwijn
Not selected Nurse     Fortune, Lee [Rest of squad]
Started Started the game and not substituted (they might have been sent off, or taken off injured but not subbed as no subs left);
Started, subbed Started the game and substituted;
Used sub A used substitute - came off the bench;
Unused sub An unused substitute - didn't come off the bench;
Not selected Selected in previous game but not this game, or vice versa.

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