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Attendance Stats

Below is an attendance graph for the 2011/12 season. Also shown is the average up to that game, and last season's averages (home and total) up to the same game.

See notes below for further explanations, notes and caveats.

Average attendance: 2331  
Average home attendance: 1753  
Highest total attendance: 4422 Wimbledon, League Two, 28 April 2012 (game 26).
Lowest total attendance: 1507 Bradford City, League Two, 28 February 2012 (game 18).
Highest home attendance: 3188 Wimbledon, League Two, 28 April 2012 (game 26).
Lowest home attendance: 1071 Brentford, Johnstones Paint League Trophy, 06 December 2011 (game 12).
Highest away attendance: 1414 Swindon Town, League Trophy Area Final Leg 1, 10 January 2012 (game 15).
Lowest away attendance: 79 Morecambe, League Two, 17 March 2012 (game 20).
League-only average attendance: 2266  
Match Number Day Date Opposition Attendance Home Support Away Support Source
1 Saturday 13/08/2011 Port Vale 2260 1870 390 Port Vale
2 Tuesday 16/08/2011 Gillingham 2466 1414 1052 Barnet
3 Saturday 03/09/2011 Accrington Stanley 2380 2198 182 Barnet
4 Tuesday 13/09/2011 Plymouth Argyle 1849 1411 438 Plymouth
5 Saturday 17/09/2011 Oxford United 2812 1798 1014 Barnet
6 Saturday 01/10/2011 Northampton 2304 1673 631 Barnet
7 Saturday 15/10/2011 Aldershot 2015 1665 350 Aldershot
8 Tuesday 25/10/2011 Southend United 2744 1528 1216 Barnet
9 Saturday 29/10/2011 Burton Albion 1745 1536 209 Burton
10 Friday 25/11/2011 Macclesfield 2200 2058 142 DSH
11 Saturday 03/12/2011 Milton Keynes (FAC) 2608 1696 912 Milton Keynes
12 Tuesday 06/12/2011 Brentford (LT) 1970 1071 899 Barnet
13 Friday 16/12/2011 Cheltenham 1775 1555 220 Barnet
14 Monday 02/01/2012 Bristol Rovers 2537 2106 431 Barnet
15 Tuesday 10/01/2012 Swindon Town (LT) 3915 2501 1414 Barnet
16 Saturday 28/01/2012 Crewe Alexandra 2263 1927 336 Barnet
17 Saturday 18/02/2012 Shrewsbury Town 2046 1589 457 Barnet
18 Tuesday 28/02/2012 Bradford City 1507 1257 250 DSH
19 Saturday 03/03/2012 Rotherham 1765 1481 284 Barnet
20 Saturday 17/03/2012 Morecambe 1536 1457 79 Barnet
21 Tuesday 20/03/2012 Dagenham & Redbridge 1725 1374 351 Barnet
22 Friday 30/03/2012 Torquay United (see note below) 2263 1757 506 Barnet
23 Tuesday 03/04/2012 Swindon Town 2211 1405 806 Swindon
24 Monday 09/04/2012 Crawley Town 2099 1548 551 Barnet
25 Friday 13/04/2012 Hereford United 3189 2516 673 Barnet
26 Saturday 28/04/2012 Wimbledon 4422 3188 1234 Barnet

Apart from the league-only average these figures also include cup games (not Herts Senior) and any play off semi final.

Last season's stats
Average attendances since 1965/66

Torquay United, 30/03/2012

The away attendance was read out over the tannoy towards the end of the game. I heard it given as 556 (I made a note of remembering this as my parents used to smoke 555 cigarettes). However, the official club website gives the attendance as shown. But the Barnet Times report also quotes 556, so I wasn't alone in hearing this.

There was one more home game this season to last season. Therefore the last game's running averages shown for last season have been used twice.

The following plots are shown:

Home Support: The Blue bars at the bottom. The number of home supporters (but see note below).

Away Support: The maroon bars at the top. The number of away supporters (but see note below).

Combined: Any green bars. This is the total attendance if the away suport (and hence the home support) is not known at the time of preparing. This will usually be shortly after the game. Note that some of the stats above cannot be updated when only the combined average is known. These are the: average home attendance; highest home attendance; lowest home attendance; highest away attendance; lowest away attendance.

Running Average: The pink line. The average total attendance up to that match number.

Last season's average: The yellow line. Last season's average total attendance up to that match number. See note below.

Home Average: The brown line. The average home attendance up to that match number.

Last season's home Average: The green line. Last season's average home attendance up to that match number. See note below.

All averages are the mean.

The away support is taken from either Barnet's or the opponent's official website, whichever publishes first. Where neither publish it the figure can usually be found on the excellent
Downhill Second Half (DSH) website. Although in this case the figure has probably been gleaned from Barnet's messageboard where the away attendance is usually posted by someone listening to the match commentary (on which it is usually announced). Whatever the source it is usually published in Barnet's next home matchday programme, where it can be verified. Where the source is a 'Bloke in the pub' I shall be checking these in a forthcoming Home programme as they have yet to appear online and should be treated with extreme caution!

Where the figures are not yet available the whole column is green (total attendance is widely publicised).


Last Season's Average
There are rarely exactly the same number of home games season to season. This is mostly down to how many home draws we got in cups, and the amount of progress made in the same. It can also be down to numbers of teams in the league changing (eg promotion/relegation).

Where there are more games this season I usually start doubling up some of the previous season's games towards the end, and note from which number this applies (using the same figure two games running). Where there are fewer games this season I usually start skipping some of the previous season's games towards the end, noting which numbers this applies to. I ensure that the last game of each season is used for the final figures.

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