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BFCSA Transition to a Trust – Progress Report 1

The BFCSA committee met on August 17th with new members Amanda Brooks, and Chris Nash with Oliver Deed as an observer.

During the Annual General Meeting it was agreed to develop a paper to be circulated to SA members with the pros and cons of a Supporters Trust, common misconceptions, case studies, and summary of the constitution and transitional process. The paper is under development using the expertise of Supporters Direct and will be issued shortly.

Voting papers will be issued to BFCSA members who will vote on whether they agree with the transition process and for the assets of the BFCSA to be transferred to the Supporters Trust when it is incorporated. Included with the postal voting slips will be details of the Extra Ordinary General Meeting, where the result will be announced.

October 3rd deadline for voting slip return.

October 13th Extraordinary General Meeting.

In the event a positive vote is received at the EGM, Supporters Direct will register a Community Benefit Society, which will take approximately 1 month depending on the speed that documents are signed and the turnaround time of the Financial Services Authority.

Details of the makeup of the trust board and the process for nominating directors to the trust board, will be sent to members, and details of the trust deed will be issued to BFCSA members prior to the trust launch meeting.

January 19th 2012 Meeting to launch the Barnet FC Supporter Trust.

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