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Articles 2011/12

Below are recent articles, in reverse date order.

There are earlier articles in the articles 2010/11 section.

Recent Articles

Player of the Year Voting Slip No, not a mistake in the mechanics of democracy, it's the slip to cast your votes on!
England 3-5 Sweden Summary of this year's International Day.
International Day Details about the forthcoming International Day.
Statement from Eddie Thompson Previously the chairman of the BFCSA, before we converted to a trust. Eddie makes a statement about recent developments.
Statement about the Council and the Club The BFCST has made a statement concerning recent discussions with the club and the council.
Transition to a Trust 4 Update Number 4 - The creation of the Barnet FC Supporters Trust.
Transition to a Trust 3 Update Number 3 - Conversion to a trust agreed.
Transition to a Trust 2 Update Number 2 - various documents explaining everything.
Transition to a Trust 1 Update Number 1 - timetable and introduction.

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