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The BFCSA Salute Dick Rolfe

"The Tony Blackburn of the Hill" Dick Rolfe, who has been part of the Underhill matchday experience in the tannoy box for over 30 years was presented with the Barnet Football Club Supporters Association Lester Finch Award for 2009 during the Notts County game. Dick started following Barnet in the 1950s.

The new Chairman of the BFCSA, Eddie Thompson did the honours on the pitch at half time.

The Trophy is awarded every year to a servant of the club, normally someone who works behind the scenes and who often give up their time voluntarily. Previous winners include Denis Signy OBE, Janet Matthewson, Kevin Mullen, John "Village" Adkins and Paul Fairclough.

So how did the position of tannoy man happen? Dick told me, "During the 1970s I stood with mates and my beautiful old German Shepherd dog Boot in front of the main stand and got to know all the club officials. Tom Hill the chairman pulled me to one side and said 'do you and one of two of your mates fancy reading announcements over the microphone?' I was more than happy to do so and that’s how it started."

Until the existing Tannoy box was built Dick used to play records before the game and read out the half times from a dusty room that now is the Ladies Toilet under the main stand.

Pink Floyd fan Dick or "Greavsie" as he is affectionately known said, "I am thrilled to be presented with the award, I shall treasure it."

An interview by way of introduction to the new Chairman of the BFCSA can be found elsewhere on this Association website.


Photo: Eddie Thompson and Dick Rolfe.

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