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BFCSA Statement
Attack on Bristol Rovers fan, 2005

Following the recent conclusion of a court case resulting from an incident after a Barnet FC home match v Bristol Rovers in 2005 the Supporters Association would like to make the following comment.

The Supporters Association condemns any act of football related violence, on behalf of our members we offer our apologies to Bristol Rovers fan Steven Gait who was injured in the violent attack after visiting Underhill. We are sorry to see that our football club and its fans have had its reputation tarnished by the actions of a small number of individuals who were not at the match, but who decided to attack a visiting supporter not far from the ground.

Barnet continues to be a friendly club, which attracts many families and has strong community ties. The annual statistics produced by the police in relation to football banning orders shows that over the past five years Barnet fans have an excellent record and we hope that this incident will be a one off and not ruin the reputation of Barnet FC and its supporters.

The Supporters Association hope that away fans will continue to feel safe when visiting Barnet and that this isolated incident will not stop people travelling to see their team play at Underhill.

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