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Firefox Users

I have written this page for Firefox users. If you use Firefox then I'm sure you're aware of how adaptable it can be by using extensions.

I intend to list things on this page that might make this site more useful or easier to use, if you use Firefox.

For starters, you don't need to worry about this site being incompatible with Firefox. I'm not saying it conforms to every single W3C standard (far from it :-) but there is hardly anything on this site that requires any fancy-dan browser plugins to work (eg javascript and the like).


I use the NoScript extension and everything works fine on this site without having to allow scripts. I occasionally use a little script to provide a countdown on the homepage. This won't work without enabling javascript, but it's no biggy.


But what prompted me to write this page is the TableTools extension. This allows you to sort tables on any webpage into any order you like, using any of the columns. You can also filter the table. If you're familiar with sorting and filtering in Excel (or OpenOffice Calc) then you'll know what I'm talking about. This is especially useful on some of the tables on this site. Especially the Past Players Stats page. See the screenshots below.

Update: Note that this is only compatible up to Firefox 3.5. The author's website shows it now costs $50. Personally I'm sticking with Firefox 3.5 until there's a good reason to upgrade, or if an equivalent extension comes along that doesn't cost $50! (It's good, but not that good...)

You can add dropdown filters to the table, and select any row(s) you like.

Table Sorting
The Past Players stats page is displayed in order of most games played. This extension allows you to sort it into surname order - or by any of the other columns of your choosing.

Other Options
Everything is easily available from the context menu (or 'right-click' menu). There are various options to copy the table for pasting into documents. For example, the "Copy as Tab-Delimited Text" option makes copying and pasting into Excel sheets a snip. (And by the way, by default Firefox ignores the scripts on PTV websites that don't allow copying and pasting in Internet Explorer :-)

This can also be used to sort/filter the fixture list, but be aware that tables with merged cells sometimes screw up a bit. The fixture lists on this site have some merged cells on them. And of course, this extension works on any table on any website.


There are very few adverts on this site. I have made no attempt to trick the AdBlock extension to display them *. I was tempted, but decided that was the path to the dark side...

* I use the EasyList filter, which is endorsed by the good folk at AdBlock.

Any adverts that still display are therefore not detected by these filters but this is by chance and not design on my part.


If you know of any other extensions that are useful for this site, or if you have any comments to make about how this site behaves in Firefox (or any other browser for that matter) please don't hesitate to contact me. Note that I am not that expert in all things webby but I can pick things up pretty quickly. So if you can explain what the issue is, and if you know of a way I can fix or improve it, that'd be appreciated :-)

Even AppleMac users. Although if Safari is anything like iTunes then I'm not surprised you're having problems. Sorry, but I don't get on with iTunes. I know Macs have their fans but I'm not one of them... Linux users are more than welcome to raise issues if there are any - I want to switch over to that one day, or at least start using it in tandem.

John Snow, BFCSA Website Editor. info@bfcsa.co.uk

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