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Attendance Stats

Below is an attendance graph for the 2005/06 season. Also shown is the average up to that game, and last season's average up to the same game.

This season's average attendance: 2478    
This season's highest attendance: 3873   Stockport, Coca Cola League Two, 29/04/2006
This season's lowest attendance: 991   Milton Keynes Dons, LDV Trophy Round 2, 22/11/2005
This season's league-only average attendance: 2578    

Apart from the league-only average these figures also include cup games (not Herts Senior) and any play off semi final.

Click here for last season's stats.

I have finally worked out how to do barcharts and line graphs at the same time :-)

(Just right click on the plot of interest, select "chart type" and away you go!)

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