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2004-05 Stats

Players' Season Stats Stats for the Barnet Squad. It shows number of appearances (started and came on as sub), and goals scored (including percentage).
Players' Career Stats Same stats as above, but for whole time at Barnet. Note that as this is not season specific it appears in a different section of the website.
Results Barnet's Conference results broken down.
Attendance Graph Shows this season's home attendance figures, plus average, compared with last season's average.
League Table Conference League Table. This is an outside service.
Form Table Table based on last six games. You can change the number of games and do it on home or away only. This is an outside service.
Sequences Number of games since conceded a goal, etc, etc, etc. This is an outside service.

Apart from the career stats all the above are only appropriate for the current season. Some of these are available for earlier seasons, go to the archive section for more details.

We also have a history of results from 1965 in alphabetical order of teams played.

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