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Player of the Year


Photos by Phil Snow

The Player of the Year Disco was on Sunday 1 May and the awards - as voted by the fans - were announced and presented to the winners.

There are some photos below.

They are as follows:

Player of the Year: Giuliano Grazioli

(I think this second award was a belated trophy for his Player of the Year last season.)

Most Improved Player of the Year: Simon Clist

Young Player of the Year: Simon King

Goal of the Season: Nicky Bailey (vs Dagenham)

(Nicky Bailey wasn't present so Simon King collected his award on his behalf.)

Spoof Awards

There were also some spoof awards made to the players and others. These were largely chosen/suggested by the other players. Some of the recipients were happier than others!

Some of the captions have been updated since this page was originally published.

Dean Sinclair – Mike Tyson lookalike award.

Patrick Ada (It was a snake on a plaque. An "Adder"... I thought my sense of humour was bad ;-)

Damian Batt: many famous people have played for Barnet, and this person is no exception – BATMAN!!!.

Tom Champion: Jonathan Woodgate lookalike award.

Simon Clist: One thing that has eluded one person all season despite a last gasped attempt – the honorary Goal Award.

James Elmes: Rod Stewart lookalike award.

Richie Graham: This Award is so named for 2 reasons. 1 – the recipient "according to the lads" looks like her and 2 – because this person takes pride in tending his locks – I give you the Sue Barker Hair Award.

Giuliano Graziloi: It has been well documented that men often have a name for their "manhood" so could TOTO GRAZIOLI come and get his award (I'm still not sure I get this one! Ed).

Liam Hatch: Our next award goes to someone that could keep a bandage manufacturer in business all by himself - some games he looks like a mummy! But still plays – so the "honest Gaffer I’m can still play" award.

Ian Hendon: This brings me to a leader of men, always well presented and bronzed, I give you … Cap TAN fantastic.

Paul Fairclough: Paul Fairclough has had his ups and downs in his managerial career. But this times the up definitely means up as he has guided us to league. Quietly he got on with the job earning respect and admiration along the way. And best of all to prove the doubters wrong – he worked alone and did it his way – The lone Ranger Award (collected by Ian Hendon).

Kevin Mullen with his "Mr Happy" award.

Simon King: Vidal Sassoon Award. This award goes to a young man, one that is very "handy" with hair straighteners, apparently. Will Simon King step up.

Dwane Lee: Its been reported that one of you has trouble getting out of bed – so we decided we’d give him a helping hand – so we have awarded him our football clock award.

Warren McBean: Someone in the squad has a driving problem – namely they need to improve. So we thought we would help out – awarding our version of Road Signs together with basic driving instructions.

Ricky Millard, with a mallard on his head. I liked that one.

Lee Roache: Michael Reiziger lookalike award.

Ben Strevens: From the league to the Conference and back again, at 24, its hard to believe that Ben is the veteran of the Barnet Squad. We commissioned our own Oscar type mask in his likeness.

The piece of resistance, as Delboy might say. Ismail Yakubu collects his lookalike award. Ismail is the one on the right!

There were some other awards but unfortunately the photos didn't come out.

If anyone has any more photos, or can elaborate on anything I've missed, then please send them to me on info@bfcsa.co.uk


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