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Match Reporters Wanted!

How do you fancy writing match reports? Do you ever read the reports on this and other websites and think that you wouldn't mind giving it a go?

I am looking for volunteers who would be prepared to supply the occasional report. There is no minimum number of reports - and certainly no maximum!

All we ask is that you submit them by email for ease of transferring to the site.

Last season we started running reports from volunteers and it proved very succesful. If you need reminding of them, go to last season's results page where there are links to them all.

No experience is required, although this is an ideal opportunity to get such experience if you have any aspirations towards sports journalism. Last season Chris Holland started submitting reports after seeing my appeal on the club's messageboard. He told me he was interested in taking photos of the games so I advised him to contact the club directly. He was soon given permission to go 'pitch side' and now his photos adorn many of the reports.

All you will need to supply is the report itself. I prepare the page in advance with the result, teams, bookings etc (which I paste from the Nationwide Conference website) and you contribute the most important, creative bit.

If you would like further information then please email me on info@bfcsa.net

John Snow, Website Editor.

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